Sitting Pretty

Sitting pretty in her rocking

chair. Mommy’s pearls draped around

her neck. Bright pink lipstick traces a crooked

oval near her mouth.

Its broken pieces placed

carefully on her pink

 dresser.  She crosses her lacy socked

 feet at the ankles, kicks them out

 and in to make her chair

 rock. A little giggle escapes each time the pearls fly

 out from her dress. She’s not yet heard she’s not

pretty enough or too

short, or her clothes are

plain or teeth crooked or she

weighs too much. Nothing yet to chip

away at the giggles. Keep her here in this pink

room, with Mommy’s pearls, sitting

 pretty in her rocking

chair, as long as you can.



2 thoughts on “Sitting Pretty

  1. It is the lessons learned, teach them to another, that there pain is less . . . and yours too for the inspiration given. Pain is overcome . . . it is the seed of joy in the morrow.


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