Gracious November

I walked two miles with my eyes closed,

while autumn’s colors crunched beneath my steps.

Now and again I stumbled, but righted myself,

and continued on my way.  The sparrows

listened to my miles and asked, “Why?” and when

I did not answer or open my eyes, again, “Why?”

The path knew my steps well and did not change.

November sheds a gracious scent, knowing

he’s an older gentleman, and I breathed in, and took

his hand, walked on until the circle’s end.  And there

I opened up my eyes again.  Daylight had fled,

leaving me there to greet the night, with gracious November,

my friend.


16 thoughts on “Gracious November

  1. super imagery here, loved the sparrows “listening to the miles, and the November personification, profound and appealing this one – thanks for sharing.

  2. I’ve come back here to re-read your November now a number of times over the last few days and each time I go away calm. It seems to be truly a clear and beautiful description of the way you must be feeling inside right now amidst everything …. may it strengthen you Sarah and be your mantra through the winter ahead.

  3. I have also walked with my eyes closed-but not as far. 200 steps. Its great practise. Your poem is nice – November as old man! and the path knowing your steps I like. The path becomes as you walk. Thanks.

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