I Found Your Heart Today

I found your heart today, as I walked the shore.

The sun hung low in the early winter sky; it was waiting

for me, light cast through empty branches, subdued,

whispering to me to look among the sand and stones.

And I did, though I didn’t know why.  I shuffled my feet

along golden shore, listening to the songs of shore birds,

as sun touched my neck tenderly, knowing what I would find.

I stumbled, felt a tear on my cheek, and, under my hand,

the coldest stone.  I lifted it up and saw your heart.

Closing my eyes, I clasped it in my hand, but it did not warm,

and the sun left us alone on the sand.  Having no use

for a heart of stone, I skipped it across the water,

a poignant mirror of sky.



2 thoughts on “I Found Your Heart Today

  1. Hi Sarah. Thanks so much for visiting my blog today and liking “Canopy”. I look forward to going through your posts and seeing your work. Please stop by and visit again soon!

  2. Fascinating the way this appears positive, then negative, then unsure, then the whoops-I’m-not sure -I-read it-properly moment.
    A really good poem, loved the switches it made me take … and I still have to read it again to check 😀

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