Words Run Through

Words are tiny foot soldiers sent out on missions.

They carry their letters and meanings with weighty might,

each a different hue, a different sound.  Some words scramble

and hurl themselves at their target, and some dance and sway,

so it seems they may never find their way.  Oh, but, when they do,

those words carry light and resonance and make faces glow. 

There are words that are hot, consumed with flames, dangerous

to touch, but still they land and sear, burn through, leave ashes

behind and smolder.  Words of longing carry shades of blue

and sound like a piano in an empty hall, echoing.  They drift

slowly through the air and settle like a whisper on a lonely cheek.

The words of kindness shine and pick up broken pieces, wrap

themselves around until no more pieces can fall.  Words

may have an edge to balance on, until they decide which way

to drop.  When they don’t seem to be enough, words call in more

tiny foot soldiers and weave themselves together in new ways,

creating, becoming something that never existed before,

becoming part of you.  Words have no beginning and no ending,

only places to stop along the way.


11 thoughts on “Words Run Through

  1. Super piece: always intereseting to think that the words that leave us may not have the effect we expect/intend – and that we may never know what happened – or why.
    Some excellent lines in this piece, loved it!

    • Yes, I was thinking about how it seems many times words have a mind of their own! I send them off but then they create their own truth depending on where they land. Thank you for your comments. 🙂

  2. That is so true. Words do have an impact on people’s lives that’s why we have to be careful what we say to each other because we don’t know how they will affect someone else. What you say does have a tendency of coming to pass 🙂

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