We Were So 19

We were so 19

that the world didn’t care if we slept

half the day, went to coffee with the professor

instead of class, and began the evening

just before midnight.  The usual crowd

could be counted on to greet us warmly,

as we scrambled off the city sidewalks

swallowed by our college life.  Beer, and

conversation, and the same familiar songs,

and we hugged and laughed and knew

19 would always be.  But it’s not.

Someone else is borrowing 19 now. 



19 thoughts on “We Were So 19

  1. I’ll be turning 50 this year …
    I always told my maths teachers, who were haunting me for lack of skill (sure, duh👻) that the right sequence is … 18, 19, 50!
    No wonder they forced me to turn to humanities…😜

    Have a great one!

  2. Beautiful Sarah. This me reminds me of my college year when I was 19. Those were my most memorial. Hanging around the dorm wit the girls, ordering pizza and Pepsi. Yep somebody is borrowing 19 now.

  3. A great poem, great writing. And I totally get it – 19 is an age where you’re in an adult body but you’re still fearless. My parents did daring things at 19, then in turn so did I and my friends and now I see it in my own young adult children.

  4. I’m still 19 at times, for my spirit knows no age and the mirror lies.
    and yet, even then I thought I was so wise.
    But now I can see sadness and happiness hidden in your eyes,
    Experiences I can only imagine. Your depth is in your eyes and also shows in your poetry.
    You are still a rosebud continuing on to your destiny…..a rose in all its splendor.

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