If You Held My Hand


If you held my hand,

those angry storms that rush in

like muggers, and knock me from behind,

leaving me broken and breathless

on the ground-they wouldn’t come.

And the cold rain that stays for days

and bleeds its gray through every layer

of me-it would stay away.

And the ice that seizes me and my trees,

so still and frozen we can snap and fall

to pieces-it couldn’t form

if you held my hand,

If you





13 thoughts on “If You Held My Hand

  1. this is a fantastic piece of writing, so very emotional and emotive – I am not sure where it is coming from, but I feel for, and connect with, the person in the poem, rather than, as sometimes happens, just responding a little remotely.
    My hands are here, in the ether, for that character.

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