Just Because


Just because I walk when wind blows strong,
doesn’t mean your words won’t knock me
to the frozen ground. And just because I let
the rain fall over me, through me, soak me
like a thirsty tree, doesn’t mean the looks
that fall upon me go unnoticed; their bitter
wetness seeps in every pore and flows deep.
Just because I hear claps of angry thunder and
don’t flinch, that doesn’t mean that cruelty isn’t
slicing through me, gashing at my peace. And
just because I watch the tide come in, the stars
appear, the sun rise, doesn’t mean you are here.
Just because I am alone and my eyes are dry

doesn’t mean that I don’t weep.



2 thoughts on “Just Because

  1. My heart breaks for the sadness you must have had to feel to write such a beautiful and heart felt piece.
    Your in my thoughts. I hope deeply that your feeling as well as you can.

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