when your why is gone


falling snowflake

crystallized hope

drops in white

looks to be

caught, held

to join

and turn it all

to white, and

know why

she fell. But,

instead, she

drops into a

puddle, a sea

waiting to steal

her white,  and

all of her






10 thoughts on “when your why is gone

  1. I know the melting feeling of crystallized hope meeting water. There is a strange acceptance that is found when watching hope disintegrate. Sometimes it can be liberating in a brutal, painful way.

    Gorgeous poem my dear.

  2. I love the somewhat guided ambiguity of the piece; it’s like a beautiful woman wrapped in a veil. It can in turns mean loss, and longing, and, at the opposite extreme, love and risk. But there was a prevailing regalness as well. You probably had a specific mood when you wrote it (or not), but I think it’s also powerful when a single piece can speak in several voices so naturally. 🙂

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