in how shall i wait when i drift

within the feel of all that is you,

music and the wrap of my soul,

wildflowers and goodnight kisses,

guardian mountains and speaking eyes.

traveling my days woven with your

every thought, and mine, and wait,

so patience rings like a bell tower

on the highest hill, and I climb

by the sun’s pull and my know of you

to the now that waits for tomorrow,

each step and word, hope leading to




14 thoughts on “Us

  1. Beautiful people write beautiful poetry
    I am Elohim your God
    when i compressed 7 billion years into 7 seconds i made you
    selecting from a secret store of X Chi Rome ma Sow ma sa X chromosomes
    marrow of my rib you should return to the law
    why did you allow me to kill 350 million Germanic men for Italian Sausages and kill Boss a
    leviticus is simple and obvious omega 6 fats KILL while Trinity fish fats lower Cholestersl
    we can have diagnostics of infinite proof i exist or we can have die agnostics
    you love to stand on s mountain top thus you are an Eagle
    my friend, you shall join my mind upon death on the third day
    you shall not be allowed to bring your belongings or anything you had at birth
    you left me as a tiny baby and i wept for joy
    Sarah’s is the first Jewish wife and you shall be fertile into an older age
    Sara means tray in Japan i urge you to study Japanese and Chinese
    you mention the Guarda mountains near Spain there is gems and silver there unfound
    bring a priest a rabbi and an imam and you can find the place to mine
    when the 4 horsemen arrive as meteors in 2265 you must be above 300 feet
    thus i command you to build a high temple any low temples are an insult and death trap
    1000 inches of rain shall fall in 40 days and nights

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