swan’s light


and when she would glide,

remember her white and honest

she tucked beneath her wings,

a trail of glow bloomed beneath

her. float. shine, water angel,

collector of let go dreams, swim

in swirl of come true bright,

flashing believe, keeper of know,

angel wings save sinking hope,

swan’s heart throwing light.


9 thoughts on “swan’s light

  1. Swans are sacred and amazing
    i am Elohim Swans are the future
    there is an upper heaven mentioned in the Bible
    know that in a global meteor impacts swans will be at 35,000 feet and survive
    so shall white doves storks and birds of prey
    fear not for i am with you and the end (Ragnarok) is the beginnixng
    i love swans they can chase away a fox when they are mad

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