What the Sheep Know


What the sheep know (but don’t say)

is not to stand alone (stay together),

and the square behind them (not a door),

marks the difference between dark and light.

Time is measured in greening grass,

the wait for rain, and the length of winter

(I wait for things that never happen).

They walk the day with new eyes (I cry).

Red and white, sun and water, and me –

they see (we are all this day).  I stand.

They stand. I wonder (the sheep know).


20 thoughts on “What the Sheep Know

  1. I love this. Sheep have the measure of it all!

    (I wrote a poem about lambs last week, if you have time to pop over and read…)

  2. I have never wondered what the sheep know (until now). You have such a clear voice, I can’t wait to read something else you’ve written, and this was no different. I love the picture too, whether or not you took it. Using the parentheses makes it even more inviting and personal. “Time is measured in greening grass,” is probably my favorite line. I like the imagery it imparts to the reader. Thank you for letting me share in this process. Cheers, mate!

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