Awards! (and apologies)

I realize that I have not been back to my “About” page in quite awhile, and I found all sorts of unanswered posts there. I’m sorry!  My brain feels like that most of the time, as if it is full of unanswered posts. I promise to get to all of them today. In there, I found that I had been nominated for a number of awards….THANK YOU!

Sunshine Award

Best Moment Award

The Versatile Blogger Award

Epically Awesome Award Of Epic Awesomeness

Thank you, nominators! I do appreciate the recognition you have given me, and I apologize for my lapse in responding.  All of these awards require some sort of providing information about yourself and then recommending other blogs, so I will condense into one post.

Some facts about me:

1. I love blue – every shade of blue. I love the way it looks, the way it smells, tastes, feels, and especially the way it sounds. I imagine myself to be blue.

2. Everyone I know, writers and poets, are drawn to the moon. I love the sun. You will find I write about the sun a lot.

3. I talk to animals. They speak back to me.

4. I don’t like too much noise. But I don’t like silence for too long.

5. I love horses and elephants.

6. One of my favorite things to do is watch the clouds.

7. I am an empath; I pick up the emotions of people around me.

8. I am an INFP (MBTI, for those who are familiar)

9. I love daisies, sunflowers, and all wildflowers (which I identify with)

10. It is difficult for me to write facts about myself!!!

Recommending blogs is much easier!  There are so many great ones out there. Please forgive me if I miss yours. It does not mean I don’t appreciate it.  Here are some of my favorites:


There are many more I could share, and I will try to do so more regularly. Again, thank you for these awards. I do genuinely appreciate it!


7 thoughts on “Awards! (and apologies)

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff. You are doing what you are doing in the exact way you are supposed to. Why do I say that? Because you are doing what you are doing and certainly not doing anything that you should feel regret for. You are a beautiful soul BEing you.

  2. Congratulations on so many nominations. You deserve all these honors and more. And thank you for mentioning my blog in your list of favorites. It means a lot and I’m honored.

    Now, to browse all the others on your list. 🙂

  3. What do you think “Blue” would taste of? For some reason I think of salt water, because of that perfect blue sea image, despite all the seas I’ve seen being brown :L good that you thought of 10 facts, I always found facts about me tend to end up being facts about those surrounding me…

  4. Hi Sarah, I am humbled that you mentioned by blog. Just catching up on some of your more recent work. For some reason your posts haven’t been showing up on my reader so I missed a bunch of them.

    I always enjoy your words and photos!

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