Silent with Wonder


In the tenderness of morning, the fog

wraps the horses in promise and paints

the yellow blanket soft.ย  The horses

speak their quiet, feel their Spring,

dance their velvet noses in flowered field.

Silent are the pines, watching

through dew drop eyes, hanging

their needled peace in the foggy morning.

Early morning hoof prints mark time,

yellow daybreak, flowery fog of pineful watch,

and I am silent with wonder.


12 thoughts on “Silent with Wonder

  1. two things: one, I just realised I wasn’t following, but I am now! My computer and my computer skills are somewhat lacking and i have no way to access my ‘reader’ in which i am told i will find those blogs I am reading. Good job really as I don’t appear to have clicked the right button for many and so wasn’t following them in the first place (something I am rectifying). I had been trying to read as much of posts by anyone who visited my blog, out of curiosity as much as courteousy and have been delighted to discover poets such as yourself with wonderful talent.
    Two, I like this poem and love (and have always loved) the phrase: ‘silent with wonder’. Bless you and thank you for sharing, kind regards, Baldy ๐Ÿ™‚

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