The Girl in the Purple Dress (for June)


Her name was June, but she left in May,

before the sunflowers could bloom and ask

for more days.  In the stone church, whispers

spoke of the claim: cancer, a brain tumor.

Stolen summer laid her cold, draped in flowers

taken in their bloom. They would die soon. 

I kept my head bowed, listened for June,

waited for the preaching, sobbing, and hymns to end.

In the front of the church, in a purple dress

with a black bow in her hair, June’s daughter sat;

I knew her well. She looked straight ahead and made

no sound, and that is why I kept my head down.

And when the cars were gone, and I was alone

I wept, and I wept to the church and through June.

The last months of her life, when the brain tumor

grasped and haunted her head, June had changed.

And her daughter, so many days, so many different

colored bows, would tell stories of the crazy things

her mom would do and stay. And it wasn’t June.

It wasn’t your Mom. I cry because we have lost

part of summer, but I weep for her girl in the purple dress,

and the June she remembered as she sat on those steps.


34 thoughts on “The Girl in the Purple Dress (for June)

  1. sad melancholy spread in the atmosphere like whispering shadows, unknown fear.who died later, was lost earlier was her I wept for now may she has gone.

  2. So beautiful, Sarah. Intimately said and honestly felt. When time and experience coalesce, drawn into the center of a sorrow that rises and falls, but never truly fades.

  3. It is from one’s passing memories bloom. They are flowers never die.

    You have written a poignant piece, expressed a depth of caring tells who you really are. Keep writing . . . .so we will be reminded.


  4. Beautiful, haunting. The opening is particularly strong, and many of the line breaks are wonderful: “so many different/colored bows” is my favorite. This is a lovely, heartbreaking poem.

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