On the Sun’s day, she called for a walk,

so I obliged, and listened to the birds of Spring.

They sang to each other, but left me out of their songs.

My steps were slow, while walking, to know.

And back in the woods, so far that I was alone,

they began to come, each at a different place

on my path:  those that I fear most –

the snakes.  They wound right to me, looked through

my eyes, never stopping – though I could not

move.  They each wore different clothes, but none

feared me;  they approached.  Stopped.

Spoke their silence.  Froze me in the leafy moment.

Seven times, seven snakes, seven silences,

each of them with something to say.




16 thoughts on “Lessons

  1. freaky:) When I run the trail – especially on warm sunny afternoons, I see quite a few snakes sunning themselves. i used to get scared, but then realized that they will not come after me if I do not come after them. Of course, these are not poisonous – at least i do not think so:) They are cute how they just hang out in the middle of a limestone trail, doing what they do. cute post.

  2. Beautiful Sarah, I could feel myself walking alongside you through the woods. It seems to me that you descended through the seven veils deep into your underworld. I hope the silences brought you golden treasure from the dark heart of fear.

  3. Lovely poem! I have had similar experiences with hornets and spiders, both of which I have been deathly afraid since childhood. During the course of one summer, they repeatedly approached me when I was sitting quietly, and it felt as though they were trying to communicate. I eventually reached an understanding within myself, a truce of sorts with their respective tribes. It was wondrous. Thank you for reminding me of that summer with your poem.

  4. ‘seven times, seven snakes, seven silences’ has a sibilant sound to it, like a snake talking. Excellent sentance. Interesting poem, I like the feeling portrayed by the birds leaving you out of their songs (even if it is a sad one), I hope enough of us hear sing your praises and make you feel included 🙂

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