after all

(today I decided to walk out deep into the woods until I came up with answers to the questions I have been pondering. after walking more than 7 miles in the heat, I found myself lying face down in a grove of trees, with no recollection of what had happened. i took this photo then. i was injured, dizzy, and in no shape to walk the remaining 5 miles back to my car, but i realized that, not only did i have no phone reception, but i had no one to call to come help me. somehow i made it out. Β i was in the woods for almost 5 hours. Β after i got home, i found this poem on my phone. i wrote it today, but i have no recollection at all of writing it. i think that says a lot.)


eight miles out i fall

black out, wake up

stones edge tree lean

ask. no reception here

no one to call. leaks

from knees, red, and eyes,

clear drops of alone

air crush with know. no

breath. out of focus all.

lost. alone. maybe here

home after all.Β 


26 thoughts on “after all

  1. That was a scary experience, Sarah. I hope you have no lasting effects from it. Beautiful tree image to go with the poem/story!

  2. sounds like you had a heat stroke sweety, hope you’re ok!!! and I’m gonna pray God sends you someone to care about you thats nearby, it sounds like you’re feeling all alone in the world, and you need to know you’re not! I think a few thousand angels should do it! πŸ™‚

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