The Hold of Time


On the balcony, overlooking the sea, inside of time,

they drank their tea.  Blessed by orange and gold,

the sun set slowly, holding every moment,

hand in hand, a dream set on repeat.


Yesterday came and went, and the ticket remained

on the shelf.  She folded up the sunset with the tea,

inside the hands, palm lines underneath time.

Today is forever remembering tomorrow.



26 thoughts on “The Hold of Time

  1. These words are beautiful Sarah, the timeless feel of the eternal cycle captured for a moment in your words and photo. Inside of time they drank their tea, blessed by orange and gold…..this is a truly delicious line 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on PMJ's Favorite Reblogs and commented:
    Beautiful Poem, Beautiful Picture. I’m reblogging this to a new blog I set up just to hold my favorites. This blog is for my own pleasure, but I think others may enjoy the concentration of beautiful work it holds. Thank you for the beauty you share on your blog, Sarah.
    Sincerely, Jim

  3. I like this poem! The idea of the last line “Today is forever remembering tomorrow” feels fresh, yet familiar to me. It’s hard to explain…

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