BORN IN THE USA (we both say)

classified categorized signified

Who am I?

This is where I was born.

You think you know?

We are all….

We are all….

Every one of us, the same

must be geography

blame culture

this, a place no one wants to claim

because every one of us is the same


Does one voice speak for us all?

cultural assumptions

invisible me, an anomaly


You think you know.


They are that way.


Yet you with your own national pride

expect respect, are not denied

But those people, the U.S.,

they are THAT way.

Some things never change

(we both say)


12 thoughts on “BORN IN THE USA (we both say)

    • Yes, you may ask, and yes, something did prompt this poem. A friend of mine from another country was angry/annoyed about something an American person had done and implied that it was to expected because of American culture, i.e. all Americans are that way (in this case, arrogant and think they can make their own rules about everything). It bothered me because I don’t consider myself that way at all.

      • You certainly have my sympathies, which is what I was originally going to write, but I just wanted to be sure that I had understood you. I’ve encountered this quite a bit in my life and it’s really hurt my feelings on a few occasions.

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