How did she taste, when I was writing poems for you?

Was her bed warm, did you sing to her, too, while I waited

in silence for you?  Did you look behind or ahead or only

in her eyes?  Was the press of her flesh all you needed

to feel alive?  Were my words tossed aside like last weeks

trash, while you cherished her body, and I walked alone

outside? Did you wonder what it meant as you sighed in

release, the waves of torment you set on the seas?  Or do

you owe nothing to no one and your body is free?  Do you

realize that your body will never claim me?


23 thoughts on “Questions

  1. Wow, this is sad. I feel very sorry now. I shouldn’t but, well I feel for you. Fuck him/her whoever hurt you. Stand upright and tall, beautiful.

    Even though today you have no clue
    there’s more than war and sorrow dream
    a loving word comes through the gleam
    the world has none that is like you.

  2. Ouch. This must have been painful to live and painful to write – I hope the writing proved cathartic in some way?

    It’s beautifully crafted and compelling (but very uncomfortable) to read.

  3. Think the line that does it for me is the
    “while I waited in silence for you ”
    There is such power in this piece and I am shocked and dazed and …
    but the conclusion is fine, but I still feel the regret and disappointment and lack of trust …
    Splendid writing!

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