tell me again



tell me again

what’s wrong with me.

I’ll pull up a chair,

like a child listening

to a bedtime story,

while you list all the ways

I will never be enough,

remind me why I am alone,

sing me my failures,

question my abilities,

paint my inferiority,

hum my inadequacy,

strum the notes of my wrongs,

then ask me


I don’t






10 thoughts on “tell me again

  1. “tell me AGAIN …
    wow there’s so much feeling here from the very beginning.
    Hope all is well.
    (But sorry: small point; it’s a very moving poem about pressure and pain, very intense and, well depressing -if superbly written – and I cannot see the sunflower in such a way.)

  2. so sad – why people do this is beyond me. so cruel. maybe they think it is a form of tough love – but what they fail to recognize is that it odes the opposite of what their intention maybe see – breaks a person down NOT build them up.

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