A Sincere Apology and Genuine Appreciation

I want all of you who stop by my blog, regularly or just one time, to know how much I appreciate your sharing with me. Those who come by here regularly know that this is more than mere writing practice and sharing photos for me. I keep this blog as a way to let out and to share the storms and the sunny days, the struggles and the triumphs of my personal journey. I am indebted to all of you for taking the time to share in the journey, and those of you who have reached out to me in kindness and care, please know how much that has meant, and means to me. I don’t say it enough, but I always, always recognize it. Thank you.

I have been getting behind on responding to comments, and I am sorry. This is been a busy (and difficult) time for me, and I am doing my best to keep my head above water. I promise to get caught up as soon as I am able.

Along that same line, some very generous bloggers have nominated me for quite a few awards, and I feel just terrible that I have not been more prompt and thorough in my response. First of all, THANK YOU. It means a great deal to me to be nominated for any award, any time. I still can’t believe anyone is interested in reading what I have to write and looking at my photos! Please know that I do genuinely appreciate every one of the nominations.

Some of the awards I have been nominated for (some of which I have received nominations for before, if they sound familiar) are the Leibster Award. the Very Inspiring Blogger Award (thank you!), the Super Sweet Blogger Award (:D), and the Blog of the Year (Wow! Thank you!!!). All of these have special requirements which I am sorry to say I just do not have time to do right now with so much piled up waiting for me to take care of. But I did want to say a huge thank you and express my appreciation.

These awards always ask for the nominee to name or nominate other blogs, so I will take this end of year opportunity to recommend some blogs and to say thank you to these special bloggers who have been not only readers but friends to me in this WordPress Universe.












12 thoughts on “A Sincere Apology and Genuine Appreciation

  1. It is okay to take time away – life happens – stuff happens. We are here for you. Will always be. I miss your lovely photos, but I know that the lovely lady who takes the photos has other things going on, so I can wait;). xxxx

  2. There is no need to apologies. Our blogs are parts of our lives to express anything we wish. Or blogs are there for anyone who wants to drop by and enjoy, marvel at; support if necessary. They don’t have to be regular, just ‘be’ when life permits. The awards are recognition of you work…to be accepted quietly not always with response and certainly not immediate response. The main thing is to blog to make you ‘happy’. If you are happy, we are all happy. Keep on keeping on. I for one think you are a close part of the blogging world. May 2014 be there for you…cheers randomrose

  3. There is no need to apologise. Just accept you are regarded with high esteem. I do not mind in the least if you do not post a response to the nomination from me.
    Actually I am a few nominations behind myself.
    Hope you have a great 2014.


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