Like A Joke


You make a joke

You throw a joke

I am the joke

Can’t I take a joke

They laugh, they look

You smile, I within

I am the joke

What’s wrong, but

They know, I just

Can’t take a joke

I am the joke

It is me

And they laugh

At your jokes

They laugh at me

You grow like

A giant fed by

Their laughter, and

I shrink – tiny, tiny

Me, and that makes

An even better joke

So you say that, too

The laughs swallow

Me up, tiny me






12 thoughts on “Like A Joke

  1. I get this one! Totally! Laughed at, laughed with, laughed about. I’m known for not getting jokes, and I’m cool with that. Also have experienced feeling like a joke. This is good! 🙂 Now I’m smiling! No Joke! 😀

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