Waiting For You


The sailboat waited for the wind,

for the tide to rise, and the clouds

waited for the sun, while the trees waited

for rain.  The river waited for the moon

to tell its tidal tales, and the fish waited

for the river to flow their days.  And it was

quiet, and still, and I was waiting, too.

I was counting tides on the sailboat,

waiting for you.


22 thoughts on “Waiting For You

  1. Wonderful poem, and amazing poetry. Thanks again for sharing!
    Voici un poème “petit frère” du vôtre que j’ai écrit spontanément … and I would like to dedicate it to you:


    La ciel attend la pluie
    La pluie attend le vent
    Le vent attend la terre
    La terre attend la lumière

    Nous attendons les étoiles
    Les étoiles nous attendent

    Attendre c’est aimer
    Aimer c’est attendre

    – Pour Sarah, FGM – Kind regards from France

  2. I like how the various aspects of nature–the tides, the winds, the clouds–are waiting on other aspects of nature, how they are all interdependent. The contrast with waiting for another isn’t as certain, but the interdependence is at a whole other level. I loved this.

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