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204 thoughts on “About

  1. May you remember the voice of the graceful spirit, that whispers in the winds of the wilderness. That’s always stirring those wildflowers, growing in the springtime of your heart’s acknowledgements, of the precious gift that you are.
    My blessings to you…

  2. Sarah, thank you for taking a look at one my recent blog posts. Since you also write poetry, I wanted to let you know I have posted a Devotional Easter Poem on my website …called “The Love”. It is under the Lagniappe tab. I wrote that for Jesus and it’s an Easter gift for everybody. My site is:

    Hope you like it.
    Have a blessed day.

  3. Sarah,
    As a brain tumor survivor I think it’s great if you are able and willing to share your story. I also am glad to see another poet. Poetry has in some ways become a lost, stereotyped, art that is as beautiful as a nature itself if we take the time to see and it and share it.

  4. Sarah your blog is really beautiful . it keeps so much perspective in so few words, its just refreshing to keep reading your thoughts. Would love to keep reading it all…..

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