ones that walk away


ones that walk away without saying good-bye (good-bye)

leave me shiver the rain (looking for shadows)

reasons like questions wrap me still (you left)

empty trains ride the know (without me)

the bench of the station, cold iron feel (alone)

blankness of silence, fog of your go (I wait)

no words you left, no solace or explain (mined hollow)

just gone, only gone, words secured with you (I fall)

disappeared and all, away, and spared nothing (not me)



one more voice saying


join the chorus in my head

disappear, disappear

voices haunt every moment

disappear, disappear, disappear

I listen, don’t eat, or talk, or feel

disappear, disappear, disappear, disappear

I thought I found


but it was just another




what it feels like to give up

release the last breath

of hope, like a balloon into

the grayest sky. never

return.  deep, heaving sobs

of grief in a hollow ribcage.

float.  no one.  disappearing

led to this.  a cliff.  didn’t even

have to jump.  searing pain

of gone.  a push.  and