feeling all


and all and clear

to know nothing

beyond now sky

gathers you grows

you to float while

moon spins within

shadows follow

other paths silent

you wander them

go and nothing

is color hold of

flower pillow open

up real let go feel

all another and

more everything


Two Squares and a Circle


What ghosts follow when you track

back so far?  Stone foundations,

full of your words, crumble and roll,

and the pine pieces, marked by knots

of pain and despair, age away in

forgetfulness.  Is this a blessing,

when the holes appear, let light and cold

pass, allow locked in grievances to leave?

Or does it all remain anyway, underneath

the rusted metal roof – the hurts

that can’t be released, circling around

the structure as time takes it down?

There’s still a place to let it go –

two squares and a circle.