walk away within


walk away within

inside, through and stop

wait, hold and go

away and away

fall and watch, wonder

hurt, pause, see fly

hope and then hope



Two Squares and a Circle


What ghosts follow when you track

back so far?  Stone foundations,

full of your words, crumble and roll,

and the pine pieces, marked by knots

of pain and despair, age away in

forgetfulness.  Is this a blessing,

when the holes appear, let light and cold

pass, allow locked in grievances to leave?

Or does it all remain anyway, underneath

the rusted metal roof – the hurts

that can’t be released, circling around

the structure as time takes it down?

There’s still a place to let it go –

two squares and a circle.



Soaring and Letting Go

Let go let go let go

Fly from where you stood,

your feet mired in the thick, angry mud

of disappointment and wrong turns.

Your body is no longer weighed down,

like rain-soaked earth.

It all falls away, sweet raindrops

from a summer cloud.

Let go let go let go

The sun lifts you, pulls you in

and you fly, leave it all behind,

freeze there in your mind,

soaring, silent, set free,

then eased into the azure water below,

Let goImage