beneath the violet


all along i’ve been not knowing

so i could see the violet in the sunset,

but i missed the moon rise and the

wishing star. i captured the violet

but lost the music of the wave break,

waft of salty air, and the hollow feel

of you, walking away, beneath the violet. 


Run away with me, the moon

is waiting.  She follows me

knowing what no one else does.

She tells me to be silent, and listen,

and I do.  She whispers in blue

and piano notes strung together

like a sonata echoing across the water.

When I am still, she wraps me

tightly, in a blanket of secrets.

She is always calling to me –

come here, come here, come here,

with her gentle face and soft voice,

and so I go.  Run away with me.

The moon is waiting.