my book published: this little bird’s song


Hello and thank you all for your patient support!  What a busy time, and we are now closing in on the holidays here (my favorite time of the year!)

For anyone who might be interested (feel free to skip over if you are not; I surely understand!), I have a new (little) book out of short poems and micropoetry called this little bird’s song

The book is available at, both in old fashioned paperback form and in new-fangled Kindle form!  If I can figure out how to post a link, I will!

Thanks, as always, for your continuing support.  The blogging community is great!

I think this link will work if you are interested in taking a look


Good news!

I received word this weekend that my photograph “Light Under Pier” will be published in the next issue of Off the Coast. Exciting news for me!

Also, my first attempt at visual poetry, Words Left Behind was selected for publication by The Artistic Muse.  You can view it here:

Thank you for sharing my good news and my writing and photography journey with me. 🙂