Weekly Photo Challenge: Hue of You

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hue of You

of water and sky
always blue


(shadow me)



torrent churns

(through) green, blue,

lashing upon itself,

reflecting (me) invisible

flow stop crash turn twist

journey  ~ day and night,

(lost) shadows, white water

secrets, sun (behind), and

(always) the pull of the

(drowning) water. (shadow


Sounds of You

The sound of the water travels
through the hills, a melody of bubbles, 
rocks, and reasons.  Bare December 
trees look down on honest, leafy blankets 
covering rocky ground.  Follow the call 
of moving water; it speaks of patience 
and travels that never end, only pick up 
leaves to carry along the way.  Moss 
wraps rocks in green warmth, whispers 
them secrets of softness and holding on. 
And then, the light filters gently, with hope, 
kissing the water into swirls and drops, 
sounds of you everywhere. 

I Found Your Heart Today

I found your heart today, as I walked the shore.

The sun hung low in the early winter sky; it was waiting

for me, light cast through empty branches, subdued,

whispering to me to look among the sand and stones.

And I did, though I didn’t know why.  I shuffled my feet

along golden shore, listening to the songs of shore birds,

as sun touched my neck tenderly, knowing what I would find.

I stumbled, felt a tear on my cheek, and, under my hand,

the coldest stone.  I lifted it up and saw your heart.

Closing my eyes, I clasped it in my hand, but it did not warm,

and the sun left us alone on the sand.  Having no use

for a heart of stone, I skipped it across the water,

a poignant mirror of sky.