Creeps like a fog over an early
morning harbor, settles in, leaving all
beneath it damp and cold.

Hovers and follows, even if
sun can push it aside, it stays,
dark clouds and low rumbles that never
leave, reminders of following

Even inside it lurks, with every
light bulb on, shadows haunt corners,
follow always.

The fog, dark clouds, thunder, shadows,
the darkness stays because it is inside.

It is in every dropped tear, each unanswered
phone call, every minute spent staring
at the wall.

Lives in dark hopelessness hidden
in seemingly ordinary days, threatening
to break and crash like a massive wave
of uncontrolled sadness.

Shadows are always there.


2 thoughts on “Shadows

  1. Thank you for liking ‘Blue Wing’…and the opportunity to explore your site and to follow your writings and photos…wonderful!

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