These Tears Belong to You


I never expected winter to carry in a friend,

one who said, “I want to know your mind,”

who listened when I spoke softly,

and heard the colors, too. I was cold,

and you showed me warm, built me

a safe place to release – my alone,

my how it feels to be chased by death,

my real.  You said, “I get you.”

And you did.  Did you get the pieces

you scattered behind when you left?


These tears belong to you.


14 thoughts on “These Tears Belong to You

  1. This is beautifully honest, has a lovely cloying sadness.
    Has me wishing there was something for me to do for you,
    and knowing silence is best…


  2. This is a wonderful poem. It is hyper-emotional as well as well written. Ending the stanza with a question was, in my opinion, a brilliant choice. Plus your play with the word “get,” in terms of “you said I get you” and “did you get the pieces,” was ingenious.

  3. achingly sad, I was rooting for a happy ending with that wonderful opening, then WHAM… you broke my heart! great writing tho… 🙂

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